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Month: June 2017

Georgia's New Power of Attorney Act

Georgia’s New Uniform Power of Attorney Act

Georgia’s new “Uniform Power of Attorney Act” goes into effect July 1st.  The act aims to modernize the state’s Power of Attorney statute by governing the required contents of the form, when it can be used, and when third parties should accept the form.A Power of Attorney is a document in which one person grants another person the authority to act in his or her place concerning financial or business matters if the grantor is sick or otherwise incapacitated.&nb […]

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Handling the Heirlooms 2

Handling the Heirlooms – Part Two

Many adults are unprepared to take charge of clearing out their family home and dispersing of the heirlooms and other possessions.  This may be because the idea seems overwhelming or because adults are hesitant to sort through another family member’s prized possessions.  In part one of this blog, we explained how parents make this process easier for their children by taking an inventory and either starting to distribute items themselves or memorializing their wishes in a […]

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