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Month: August 2017

Standby Guardians

How to Protect Your Child with a Standby Guardian

Many people are familiar with the estate planning term “guardianship,” which is where a parent designates a person to care for his or her child in case of death or permanent disability.  However, Georgia law does provide a second guardianship option – which is known as a standby guardianship.  A standby guardian legally takes custody of a child in the case of some unforeseen circumstance or triggering event.  The parent does not relinquish his or her paren […]

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Updating Beneficiary Designations

The Importance of Updating Your Beneficiary Designations

​A beneficiary designation is a kind of estate plan in that it provides a mechanism for the transfer of assets.  These designations are commonly found on life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and even some bank accounts.  The person creating the account or policy can identify a beneficiary and, after he or she passes away, the account assets will be paid directly to the beneficiary.  These types of accounts often constitute a large portion of a person’s […]

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