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Business Spotlight: Trish Roe

Trish Roe is the Owner and head Interior Designer of The Georgian Goose Interiors in Kirkwood, GA. She helps clients create spaces that feel unique and personal, with a special style that can stand the test of time. Her projects throughout Atlanta range from furnishings and decor to ground-up new builds.

Estate Planning is all about creating peace of mind for your future. Trish helps create peace in your home at the present. Her focus is on those who want a sense of peace and comfort in their home.”Designing homes is such personal work, and I build relationships with all of my clients throughout our projects. I love watching the transformations from blank spaces to warm, inviting, customized rooms that suit their day to day lives perfectly,” she shares with us. “It’s always so special to have repeat clients as the years go by, especially watching their families and careers grow.”

Trish is the proud mother of two energetic children, as well as her French Bulldog, Goose. Discover more about Trish and her design services at