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Pass The Love Along Through Proper Estate Planning

Pass The Love Along Through Proper Estate Planning

Everyone loves surprises on Valentine’s Day, right? This is why you should pass the love along through proper estate planning.

While that’s usually true, there are some surprises we could all do without. Losing a parent or loved one, or dealing with physical or mental incapacities while they are still with us, are surprises no one loves. But you can make things easier for your family through thoughtful estate planning to ensure your family is cared for the way you would yourself.

February is the month for love. Not just for your significant other, but for your whole family. It’s a great time of year to think and plan, not just about the moment, but about your loved one’s future.

Make sure your love carries on.

One of the most loving things you can do for your family is to plan ahead to protect them when you are no longer able to care for them in person. Proper and timely estate planning can save your family untold headaches and heartaches when things get confusing and difficult. Proper planning can save them from many struggles such as:

  • Financial Uncertainty
  • Tax Pitfalls
  • Family Arguments
  • Guessing at Your Wishes and Desires

When the unexpected happens, your family should be able to pull together to love and support each other. This is something you can make easier by following through with proper estate planning now. Through estate planning, guided by the experts at Siedentopf Law, you can secure your family’s future by:

  • Protecting your assets to provide for them
  • Protecting your family so they are properly cared for
  • Protecting your family’s peace of mind by making difficult decisions ahead of time

What does it mean to plan for your family’s future?

Many people assume that planning for end-of-life decisions just means deciding who gets what, but it’s much more than that. Life-changing decisions can be secured through estate planning, taking the burden off the shoulders of your family members who are already dealing with loss or debilitating illnesses. Proper estate planning, accomplished with the guidance of our experienced attorneys, can help you secure the future for your loved ones by:

  • Specifying who will care for your children
  • Ensuring their future financial stability
  • Providing for your children’s schooling
  • Preventing the loss of assets to taxes, court costs, and unintended distributions
  • Deciding ahead of time who will make financial and health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated.

If you have not legally memorialized your wishes, your wishes may not be carried out when they are most needed.

Over 60% of Americans are not ready for the future.

Recent surveys have found that over two-thirds of American adults have no estate planning documents. (See CNBC, October, 2022) This problem has been amplified by the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic brought tragedy to many families who were ill-prepared to deal with it. Don’t fall prey to complacency and leave your family in turmoil. 

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset…. Your Family!

Take the lead now by scheduling a phone or video conference with the estate planning experts at Siedentopf Law. We will guide you through the process to secure a future free of worry for you and your most valuable asset – your family.

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