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As your Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney, Sarah and the Siedentopf Law team will provide you with a comfortable atmosphere to contemplate your wants and needs, and create legal solutions that give you peace of mind.

Estate Planning Services

Siedentopf Law offers a wide variety of estate planning services, including:

✔ Estate Planning
✔ Will Planning
✔ Atlanta Trusts
✔ Power of Attorney
✔ Business Planning
✔ Probate
✔ Planning for Pets
✔ Legal Consulting

Of course, there is more to estate planning than the listed services above. Our comprehensive estate planning process is meant to provide you with the legal guidance that will help you make the right decisions about your estate. We will guide and support you and your family every step of the way to make sure your estate is protected the way you wish.

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A Will is NOT Enough

Having a will in place is extremely important to ensure that your affairs are properly distributed according to your wishes, and a bare minimum to estate planning. However, there are other considerations beyond a will if your estate is more complex. A will is not comprehensive enough to deal with all the complexities in your life. Your finances, beneficiary designations, power of attorney, advance directive, letter of intent, or guardianship designations are all circumstances to consider with an experienced Georgia estate planning attorney. You want to make sure all your bases are covered, especially if you have a large complex estate to deal with. Having a power of attorney makes sure that if something happens to you, there is someone able to take over and make legal and financial decisions in your place.   A well-drafted power of attorney can include special restrictions and directions for exactly what you want your agent to be able to do or not do. This is not something that a spouse has the automatic right to do, so every adult needs a power of attorney in place.


We Help Families and Businesses with Estate Planning Throughout the Atlanta and Brookhaven Areas.
At Siedentopf Law, we take our job seriously and our team is here to guide you and your family with setting up: 

Georgia Wills & Trusts

If you value planning, control, and privacy, you may benefit from a trust.

Georgia Estate Planning

Your family's future is far too important not to plan ahead.

Powers of Attorney

Know that the person you trust is making the exact decisions you would want.

Business Law

Make sure your wishes for your business are carried out.

Estate Planning Practice Areas

Work with a Top Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney that Understands Your Needs and Knows Your Options. As your Atlanta Estate Lawyer, we take a collaborative and holistic approach to examining your goals and presenting estate planning options that best fit your needs.

Last Will & Testament

Define your wishes to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Georgia Trusts

Make sure your assets are well managed by entrusting them to a loved one.

Business Estate Planning

Know that whoever is making decisions is making the exact decisions you would want.

Probate Process

Make sure that your family is taken care of and that your wishes are carried out.

Planning for Pets

Make arrangements for your pets that will last throughout their lifetime.

Will or Trust?

Our free guide will help you determine which is right for your family's needs.


Trusts are vital for strategic financial planning, providing privacy, asset protection, and seamless wealth distribution. These legal arrangements allow individuals to transfer assets to trustees who manage them for beneficiaries, mitigating estate taxes and safeguarding assets. The significance of trusts lies in their ability to establish a secure foundation, ensuring effective wealth management for current and future generations.


Whether you’re in the Atlanta and Brookhaven areas, or in Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, or another county in metro Atlanta, we can help you. We can also work with executors by phone or video conference if they are out of state or far away. Only after listening carefully will we present the options that are right for you and explore the benefits and costs of each one. 

Estate Planning E-Book for Georgia Residents

Click below to download your free copy of Sarah Siedentopf's e-book, Peace of Mind Through Estate Planning: A Guide for Georgia Residents.

Atlanta’s Estate Planning Attorney


Sarah Siedentopf, an Atlanta estate planning attorney, probate attorney, and published author, has been practicing estate law in Atlanta for over 12 years. Sarah helps individuals and families throughout Atlanta and Georgia navigate through complicated estate planning procedures such as drafting wills, will planning, trusts, probate, end of life planning, and more. Sarah is passionate about supporting her clients through these difficult and emotional issues with as little stress as possible.

Sarah understands the importance of maintaining communication and ensuring that her clients values and wishes are upheld. Such a significant event to plan for is not something to take lightly, which is why it is important to use an experienced legal professional for estate planning. By reading Sarah’s book on estate planning, you can start to put things into perspective and move in the right direction towards a plan. Check out Peace of Mind through Estate Planning by Sarah Siedentopf.

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Atlanta estate planning items like health directives, wills, trusts and more can be overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what we’re here for! Send us your questions or book a consultation with our team today.

Everyone Needs an Estate Planning Attorney in Georgia

If you are a resident of Georgia, we can help uncover the complexities of estate planning. Everyone in Georgia has an estate; your estate may consist of savings and investments, houses, cars, boats, land, a mortgage, a business, something you owe money on, or really anything you have to your name. We work with a large spectrum of clients and even if you do not have extensive wealth it is vital to ensure your estate is properly planned for.

Regardless of how much your estate is worth, if you do not take full advantage of estate planning services, your estate will be distributed according to Georgia state law, and this does not take into account your preferences, relationships, or types of assets. Consult an Atlanta estate attorney today to become prepared. At Siedentopf Law, we specialize in Georgia Estate Law, and we can help you with all of your estate planning needs.

Estate Planning FAQ

Are you in search of an estate planning attorney in Atlanta, GA?

Are you or your family dealing with a trust you have questions about?

Do you need to create a will?

What should be included when drafting a will?

What happens to my estate in the state of Georgia if I don’t have a will?

How much do estate planning services cost?

Estate Planning in Georgia: Costs, Power of Attorney, Probate, and Living Trusts Explained

Using an Estate Planning Attorney in Georgia Ensures your Estate is Fully Protected

If you do not engage in estate planning or consult an estate planning lawyer, your estate will be distributed according to the State of Georgia after you pass. No one will have a say in where it goes. Using an estate planning lawyer in Georgia is extremely important to pass down your estate to someone you trust.

The right estate planning attorney should focus on building a plan consistent with your values and wishes. This means making sure your family, assets, and your estate is taken care of. If you have children that are minors, this is especially important to ensure that your children are cared for after an untimely passing.

Things to Know About Estate Planning

Whether your family is big or small, well-established or newly minted, estate planning is truly for everyone! Atlanta estate planning firm Siedentopf Law can help you identify the options that will work best for you and your family.
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