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for your Pets

Approximately two-thirds of households own a pet, whether it be a cat, dog, bird, horse or even tortoise.  While we may think that our pets will not outlive us, we still want to ensure they will be loved and taken care of if we are unable to do so. After all, we are all unsure what the future might bring.

What will happen to your pets when you die? That is a question that many people need an answer to because pets are family members too. You cannot leave property to pets because they are considered property by the law, but you can make provisions for them that will make certain that they are cared for in the future. 

Options for Estate Planning for your Pets

  • Pets in your will
    • You cannot leave them money, but you can leave them in good hands
    • Leave funds and your pets to a trusted caretaker
  • Pet Trusts
    • This is a stronger option, but it is more expensive
    • Choose a caretaker for your pet and leave them money and a legal obligation to care for them
  • Legacy Arrangements
    • Programs exist that will find qualified caretakers for your pets when you die
    • Veterinary schools, SPCA, and private pet sanctuaries are all options
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Animals like tortoises, horses, and parrots have long lifespans. What happens to them when you die? You need to make arrangements for them that will last throughout their lifetime. 

We can help! Schedule a consultation with our lawyer today. 

Here are a few steps to take when estate planning for pets with long lifespans:

  • Identify them with photos, DNA samples, or microchips
  • Detail your long term pet’s standard of living
  • Determine the amount needed to cover their lifetime expenses
  • Provide final disposal instructions for when your pet dies

The Atlanta Estate Planning firm Siedentopf  Law helps individuals and families throughout the Atlanta and Brookhaven areas. We also work with estate executors and administrators by phone if you are out of state. 

Siedentopf Law can help pet owners navigate the estate planning process, and provide peace of mind about the future care of their animals. Reach out today to schedule your consultation, or Read More about how to include your pets in your Estate Planning.

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