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Everything You Need to Know About Estate Planning

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We all love to plan for the future, to make big plans for the goals and dreams we want to achieve. But no one enjoys making plans for the worst-case scenario. When we think about sitting down with an attorney to discuss in detail what we want done with our assets after we pass away, we chicken out. But, death is certain, and creating a legal document that outlines your wishes will make life much easier for your loved ones after you pass.


Now is the best time to take this step.

At Siedentopf Law, our highly skilled and compassionate Atlanta estate lawyer is experienced in assisting clients with wills. We will advise you on all elements of setting up a last will & testament and will help ensure that your wishes are not only clearly outlined, but that potential disputes are addressed proactively.


If you need to update an existing will or would like to create your first Last Will & Testament, contact us today or schedule an appointment with us online, and let’s make sure your loved ones and assets are protected the way you wish.

What Should Be Included in Your Last Will & Testament?

There are many things a will can help you do, including but not limited to:

  • Easily pass along specific assets to designated individuals or causes
  • Place certain assets into trusts
  • Name a chosen guardian for minor children
  • Designate a hand-selected executor or administrator to manage your estate
  • Spell out instructions for the handling of your estate

Even if you don’t have much to leave for your loved ones, leaving a will can make the process easier for them. It can also ensure that emotionally valuable things end up with the right person. Even those who already have a trust in place, should consider creating a Pour Over Will that designates a guardian for minor children and covers anything that may have inadvertently been left out of the trust.

Contact The Atlanta Estate And Wills Planning Attorney at Siedentopf Law

Siedentopf Law can help you draft a new last will & testament, update an existing will, or review your will for compliance with legal standards in case of a will contest. Plus, our firm can also explain the contents of your will to any beneficiaries.

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Having a will makes the process easier for you and your loved ones. 

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