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Power of Attorney - Planning Ahead for Your Family

Nobody wants to think about handing over the reins if they’re incapacitated, but it’s an important necessity that can save your family tremendous stress and heartache.

Contingency planning through the establishment of a power of attorney agent provides peace of mind that certain financial and/or medical decisions will be handled as you see fit should you become unable make them yourself. This person acting on your behalf will, for all intents and purposes, be viewed as you for these particular decisions and can act when you are not able or not willing to. Their decisions are considered final and legally binding.

Why Designate Powers of Attorney?

There are many reasons a person may wish to assign someone power of attorney, including but not limited to:

  • You’re in a job or military that has you overseas and unable to conduct regular dealings in country
  • You are concerned an illness may leave you incapable of making important decisions
  • You are concerned others you do not trust may try to intervene on your behalf
  • You trust this person implicitly to help manage your property, possessions and assets
  • You are unable to manage certain things due to other commitments
  • You want to prepare for unexpected accidents

Siedentopf Law can help you through a variety of power of attorney needs and advise on agent selection and duties, drafting your financial power of attorney, update an existing power of attorney and even revoking a power of attorney.

Questions About Powers of Attorney?

Don’t put off this important legal documentation any longer. Email Siedentopf Law or schedule your appointment online and we’ll help you select your agent and create your power of attorney today.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sarah helped our family with the probate process. It was a very difficult time for us, however she made the process a lot easier for us. Sarah is very knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with.


Sarah Rocks! Sarah is a great attorney.  She is knowledgeable and easy to work with.  She responds to emails and phone calls in a timely manner and has been very helpful.  I highly recommend her.

~Drena H.

Sarah composed our Wills and Power of Attorney paperwork. I appreciate how she helped us prepare and answered questions every step of the way. She was very professional, and I would recommend her to anyone.

~Joy G.

Sarah gave me the confidence and surety that my situation was handled with the highest quality. Sarah is a well prepared, responsive and experienced attorney.

~ Leonard B.