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Power of Attorney - Planning Ahead for Your Family

We’re all getting older, and aging – wonderful as it – always takes its toll on us. In some cases, it happens that when people get to certain ages, they find that they are no longer able or interested in managing their legal or financial needs themselves. If this happens, you want to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that whoever is making decisions on your behalf is making the exact decisions you would want. And this can only be possible if you establish a power of attorney today.

The experienced estate planning attorney at Siedentopf Law has consulted with many Atlanta residents on the process of designating a Power of Attorney. With our extensive experience we will make this process less stressful and overwhelming for you or your loved ones.

Why Designate Powers of Attorney?

There are many reasons a person may wish to assign someone power of attorney, including but not limited to:

  • You’re in a job or military that has you overseas and unable to conduct regular dealings in country
  • You are concerned an illness may leave you incapable of making important decisions
  • You are concerned others you do not trust may try to intervene on your behalf
  • You trust this person implicitly to help manage your property, possessions and assets
  • You are unable to manage certain things due to other commitments
  • You want to prepare for unexpected accidents

Siedentopf Law can help you through a variety of power of attorney needs and advise on agent selection and duties, drafting your financial power of attorney, update an existing power of attorney and even revoking a power of attorney.

Questions About Powers of Attorney?

Don’t put off this important legal documentation any longer. Email Siedentopf Law or schedule your appointment online and we’ll help you select your agent and create your power of attorney today.

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