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Prepare for the Future: Estate Planning for Business Owners

Who Needs Business Related Estate and Continuity Planning?

Proper business estate planning can protect your business from unexpected issues and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. There are some things that every business owner needs to do today to prepare for the future and protect their assets.

For Georgia Residents

How Can I Protect My Business Assets?

Here are some simple steps every owner should take to protect their business.

Draft Wills and Estate Plans

Organize your designations, titles, and basic will and estate plan.

Start Tax Planning

Set planning ways to leverage tax law for tax efficiencies.

Resolve Family Disputes

Settle any ongoing issues in a family-owned business.

Incorporate your Business

Make sure you and your business are protected with the correct legal entity.

Draft Succession Plans

Create a succession plan and discuss it with all parties involved.

Notify Associated Parties

Make all business parties aware of your contingency planning.

Protect Your Life's Work

Why Should I Start the Business Estate Planning Process Now?

It can be heartbreaking to see a business close or a family harmed because these steps were not taken. Do not get caught unprepared. Siedentopf Law can help navigate the business estate planning process, and provide peace of mind about the future of your business.

Estate Planning

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Choosing a Will or Trust

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