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Lawyer Spotlight: Justice Choate

Justice Choate is a managing attorney at Campbell and Brannon in Atlanta, GA, where he is a Residential Real Estate Attorney.

“I’ve loved Real Estate since I was a little boy in Tifton. Every Saturday, I’d get my hands on the paper to look at the listings. I would grab real estate magazines when we traveled, and my parents would pick them up for me when they traveled without us.”

This passion led Choate into working with a Residential Real Estate Attorney in college, and despite graduating in 2008 (not the best time for real estate!), he landed at his current firm.

” I am fortunate to work with attorneys and staff who both love what we do and have a deep desire to provide exceptional service,” Choate shares with us. “My clients are lenders and realtors. They get to meet and work with people from all walks of life, which provides me the opportunity to meet all of these people. It enriches my life and daily experience.”

When not practicing law, Justice enjoys spending time with his children, Charlie and Maggie, his husband, Michael, and his sweet dogs, Phyllis and Maddie. Discover more about Justice at:

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