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Where is the Best Place to Get a Will?

A Will is an important part of your estate plan, but you don’t know where to get it done. So, where’s the best place to get a Will?

We have some great suggestions to get you started on your journey. Read on to learn helpful tips for the best place to get a Will.

Get Your Will in the State You Live

While many states have laws that allow for Wills executed in other states to be valid, it is important to have your Will drafted in accordance with the laws of your primary residence.

This may get a little tricky if you split time between two states. The best rule of thumb is to have your Will in the State you are registered to vote in.

Keep in mind, that if you own more than one residence, especially if those residences are in different states, you may benefit from the use of a Trust. But it is still important to have your estate planning documents follow the laws of your state of residence.

It would be a shame to have all that work done in another state, with your wishes clearly outlined, and then the Judge be unable to follow them because your Will isn’t valid in the state of your residence.

Get Your Will From an Estate Planning Attorney

You may be tempted to DIY your Will. And while DIY Wills are legal in Georgia, they are not always the best idea. This is because you may miss major considerations.

We always recommend consulting with an attorney for your estate planning needs. A skilled attorney can guide you to exactly what you need to carry out your wishes. They can offer suggestions based on your wishes and provide guidance for how to save money now and later.

Speaking to an attorney is always a good idea.

Not All Attorneys Are Created Equal

When choosing an estate planning attorney it’s good to consider a few things. For instance, when reviewing their website does it seem like estate planning is a focus area or just something they say they can do?

We highly recommend choosing an attorney who has a narrow focus on estate planning and probate. This means that this is the area where the firm spends most of their time and they truly know the ins and outs of the law as it pertains to estate planning. Other firms that list it as one area of practice out of many may not have the capacity to truly know the ins and outs of estate planning like someone who only focuses on it.

At Siedentopf Law we are laser-focused on estate planning. This is what we do and what we love.

Get it Done

You’ve heard the saying “Just do it!” Remember, the most important part of estate planning is doing it. It is also important to do your due diligence to ensure your Will says what you want it to say. But at the end of the day, having it done is the most important step.

Remember to revisit your estate plan annually to make sure it says what you want it to say. If it doesn’t, give us a call and we’ll help you update it!

We are here and eager to help you with your estate planning needs If you’re looking for a place to get your Will done, call us at (404) 736-6066 or visit our website to schedule a consultation today.

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